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About Onwani 

Welcome to the home of Onwani – a simplified, unified address system for the entire Emirate. The Department of Municipal Affairs (DMA) - in collaboration with the three municipalities of the Emirate, Abu Dhabi City, Al Ain City and the Western Region - has been developing the framework and standards for a project that will ultimately result in the creation of over 200,000 unique addresses throughout the Emirate.

Imagine never being lost again, anywhere across the emirate of Abu Dhabi!

Now imagine scanning your phone to instantly see exactly where you are in any location, any time, and the nearest public services…

Fast facts:

  • All intersections will now have street name signs, showing the number ranges in each direction. 
  • Odd numbers are on left side of the street and even numbers on the right side. 
  • Number plates are fixed on each building, or at the main entrance or walls. 
  • A building with multiple entrances may have more than one number, especially if it faces two streets. 
  • Each sign has a QR code sticker, and by scanning it with your smartphone you can instantly get information about your location and share it with anyone to deduce your location.


Onwani Signs and Panels

Honouring our past, embracing our future

Every single street sign and address panel across the emirate is backed by the latest geographical positioning technology. The naming system also honours our forefathers and our heritage.

Simpler, faster, smarter

As our emirate rapidly expands into a leading global hub, it has become necessary to create a simplified system for instantly finding any location. All you need to do is:

  • Know your new address and use it whenever you give your location
  • Download the Onwani app on your mobile for easy reference
  • Scan the QR codes on the street name signs whenever you need details about a location
  • Become familiar with the user-friendly new street signs for your convenience